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Global ICT Certification Courses

ICT Courses BRASI Certificate in IT Support Management Course ISO 38500 Lead IT Corporate Governance Manager Course ISO 27035 Lead Security Incident Manager Course PCI-DSS Implementation Course PECB Certified Lead SCADA Security ProfessionalRead More...
By : dutconsulting | Nov 6, 2019

Public Service Courses

  COURSE TITLE PUBLIC SERVICE ADMINISTRATION TARGET AUDIENCE Directors and Senior Managers  in Public Service OBJECTIVES By the end of the course you will be able to: • Understand the socio-economic impactRead More...
By : dutconsulting | Jul 25, 2019


PRE-RETIREMENT ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRAINING TARGET AUDIENCE Retirees and employees who would be retiring soon OBJECTIVES The training would help to: • Prepare participants for the post-retirement life • Change the mindset ofRead More...
By : dutconsulting | Jul 24, 2019

BRASI Certificate in Product Development Course

BRASI Certificate in Product Development Course Certified by Business Research and Service Institute (BRASI) USA Overview New product design and Development will help you explore new product development (NPD) in a team model. WeRead More...
By : dutconsulting | Mar 20, 2019

Business Development Course

Business Development Course Certified by London Academic Business School, UK Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will have reliably demonstrated the ability to: Develop competitive business strategies DevelopRead More...
By : dutconsulting | Mar 20, 2019

BRASI Certificate in Facility Management Course

BRASI Certificate in Facility Management Course This course requires understanding of many factors, including running costs maintenance strategies, health and safety, operational processes, challenges and cost; frauds and other management with  opportunities forRead More...
By : dutconsulting | Mar 15, 2019

Auditing and Internal Control System

COURSE TITLE AUDITING AND INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEM TARGET AUDIENCE Accounting officers, store keepers/ managers, Accounting managers, Auditors, Compliance officers, CEOs, CFOs, Business owners, Managers and supervisors, Directors, Financial managers, Admin. Officers andRead More...
By : dutconsulting | Mar 9, 2019

Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Trade-shows, Events

Conferences, Seminars, Exhibitions, Trade shows, Trade fairs, Events. Advertise your events here. Logistics, Transport and Port Management Conference: 17-18 July, 2019   International Conference on Supply Chain Management: 26-28 October, 2016 Oil andRead More...
By : dutconsulting | Feb 14, 2019

Certificate in Maintenance Management Course

Certified by BRASI, USA www.brasi.org  Cost-effective maintenance has to be planned – it doesn’t happen by chance and this requires a cost-effective strategy which is constantly kept up to date. This comprehensive courseRead More...
By : dutconsulting | Jan 14, 2019
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