Supply Chain Management Consulting

DU&T Consulting is a corporate member of the Institute of Supply Chain Management United Kingdom and our experts are also members of the prestigious institute. We also align with other partners in the process enhancement  industry. The key reasons why a business should embark upon a supply chain management solution include:

  • Better visibility into supply chain operations
  • Ability to identify bottlenecks or problems before they become serious
  • Inventory optimization
  • Timely delivery of goods when needed, minimizing stock requirements
  • Increased efficiency with logistics providers

DU&T Consulting can assist you in building a sound supply chain strategy for your business.  This includes:

Supply Chain Management Assessments We’ll review your supply chain at a high level as well as at the micro level to identify improvement opportunities across your supply chain processes and technologies. We implement ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System.
Procurement Development And Audit We assist you to reviews your procurement processes, develop RFPs and quality oriented-purchase requirements, improve the processes and oversea the operations of the systems, review and audit your suppliers to make the necessary improvement recommendation.
Procurement and Direct Sourcing Our team of professionals will assist you in directly sourcing raw materials, equipment and machinery both locally and internationally.
Supply Chain Management Enhancement DU&T Consulting in conjunction with its partners in the process management will analyse your existing supply chain management value stream map, improve the process before deploying the right IT tools to reduce lead times and ensure that the supply chain suffers no hitch .
Supply Chain Management Project Management We can provide full or partial project management assistance, where we define your requirements, and manage project budgets, resources, scope, issues, and risk.
Channel Management We help you to make channel decisions from types through units, quality to improvement and eventually control.
Supply Chain Management Training And Education DU&T Consulting provides supply chain management education and training for all levels of your business. This is done in conjunction with the Institute of Supply Chain Management United Kingdom ,the BRASI-ISCEA USA, BRASI-APICS and PECB Canada.

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