TARGET AUDIENCE Retirees and employees who would be retiring soon
OBJECTIVES The training would help to:
Prepare participants for the post-retirement life
• Change the mindset of retirees from that of a salary earner to employer of labour
• Ensure that retirees are not redundant after retirement
• Equip retirees with entrepreneurial skills to manage and invest their retirement benefits in profitable ventures
• Educate participants to manage their post-retirement benefits effectively
• Prolong the life of retirees by encouraging them to remain actively and productively engaged even after retirement
PROGRAM CONTENT • Mindset re-engineering
• Retirement planning strategies
• Health Management Strategies
• Entrepreneurship development strategies
• Marketing and Business Development Strategies
• Leadership and performance management
• Business management techniques
• Accounting for non Accountant

• Counselling on How to Business  Type Suitable for you

DURATION AND DATES 5 days- (any agreed date)
FEES: N105,500 per participant (to cover training, Material, Feeding, Facilities and Certificates
VENUE: Agreed Venue
Benefits to the Trainees
The training would:
• Give hope to the retirees/retiring staff that they can actually do something tangible with their lives.
• Provide trainees with information and insights on immediate entrepreneurial options and future possibilities.
• Imbue trainees with the skills to avoid basic retirement and business mistakes



DU&T Consulting, 5 Afisman Drive, Anifowose, Ikeja, Lagos.