Courses Certified by Cognicert Limited UK
Courses Certified by Business Research and Service Institute (BRASI) USA .
  1. BRASI Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management
  2. BRASI Certificate in Supply Chain Assurance Management
  3. BRASI Certificate in Fleet Management
  4. BRASI Certificate in Procurement and Contract Management
  5. BRASI Certificate in Product Development
  6. BRASI Certificate in Customer Support Management
  7. BRASI Production Management Course
  8. BRASI Inventory And Warehouse Management Course
  9. BRASI Bid Management Course
  10. BRASI Distribution Channel Management Course
  11. BRASI Certificate in Shipping Management
  12. BRASI Certificate in Logistics and Transport Management Course
  13. BRASI Certificate in Maintenance Management
  14. BRASI Certificate in Facility Management
  15. BRASI Certificate in Maritime Auditing
Courses certified by IQS Audits UK .
  1. IQS Certified Training Professional
  2. IQS Certified Quality Management Professional
  3. IQS Certified  Offshore/Onshore Risk Manager Course
  4. IQS Certified Quality Assurance Engineer
  5. IQS Certified Risks Management Professional
  6. IQS Certified Health and Safety Manager
  7. IQS Certified Quality Laboratory Professional
  8. IQS Certified Compliance Manager
  9. IQS Certified Educational Management Professional
  10. IQS Certified Emergency Response Manager
  11. IQS Certified Data Protection Professional
  12. IQS Certified Security Operations Manager
Courses Certified by American Society for Quality, USA 
  1. ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
  2. ASQ Certified Supplier Quality Professional
  3. ASQ Certified Quality Inspector
  4. ASQ Certified Quality Process Analyst
  5. ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer
  6. ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Course
  7. ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/ Organisational Excellence Course
  8. ASQ Certified Quality Engineer Course
  9. ASQ Certified Quality Auditor
  10. ASQ Certified Calibration Technician
  11. ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer Course
Courses Certified by Global Association of Risk Professionals USA .
  1. GARP Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM) 
  2. GARP Certified Energy Risk Professional (ERP)
Courses Certified by Construction Manager Association of America USA

CMAA Certified Construction Manager (CCM)


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