Educational Consultancy: We render the following services:

  • Training for school management and Teachers
  • School Procedural and Process Review and Development
  • School Quality Assurance
  • Recruitment of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
  • School Organisational Development
  • School Feasibility Study
  • School Sales and Marketing Improvement


Open Workshops

Teachers and Management Development are key to the growth of the eductaion sector in Nigeria. DUT Teachers Development Centre is poised to deploy programmes, courses, events, research and consultancy services to aid the develop of the teacher, student and the school. School can check our 2015 training calendar for their considerations.

Certification Training for Teachers

These are courses certified by our partners in the UK on Educational Management, Classroom Management, Training the Teachers, E-learning etc . .

British Curriculum (Early Year Foundation Stage) and Montessori Courses for Nursery/ Primary School Teachers)

A unique child learns better in a secure relationship with key person in an enabling environment in a unique way and rate. Teachers needs to learn how to identify every uniqueness, build relationship with the child; manage the learning environment and empower every child at his/her unique learning rate.

Subject Related Training

Teacher refreshers course on English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Government and Geography coming soon.


List of facilitators for this programme will be out soon.